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The line has gotten blurred among search engines like google and concern directories, as searchengines encompass directories and directories encompass search alternatives.

This web pageAbout Search Engines identify=”Recommended link”>Google – Based on amount and quality of links to a site.The Google Cheatsheet will help you take benefit of special syntaxes.Explore Google Search tells the way you canget instant real information.

  • Bing – Formerly MSN and Live.com (Microsoft)
  • Yahoo Search
  • Ask.com
  • Best of the Rest:

  • Duck Duck Go -Useful statistics above the links, searches within sites (“bangs”), and extra privacy options
  • Exalead – Searchengine from France providing a proximity operator, thumbnails of Web pages in the outcomes, advised associated terms andcategories, and more
  • Similar Sites – Enter a website and it findssimilar ones
  • Wolfram Alpha – Calling itself a “computationalknowledge engine,” WA searches records and does calculations primarily based on its personal database of “curated” records
    • Wolfram Alpha Widgets – “Instantly upload live computational knowledge in your blog or website”
    • 32 Tricks You Can Do with Wolfram Alpha, the Most Useful Site in the History of the Internet (Business Insider)
  • Yandex – The Russian seek engine
  • Other Search Engines:

  • Find Articles – Combination of articles from CBS News and sites from across the net
  • FreeSearch – U.K. search engine
  • Gigablast – Looks just like Google, smaller database even though
  • Lycos
  • Openfind – Search engine emphasizing Chinese-language effects
  • Overture – Includes paid listings; covered in several different engines like google’ consequences(formerly GoTo.com)
  • Custom Search Engines:

    These web sites assist you to make your own custom seek engine to be able to search selected sites or subjects.

  • Bing Custom Search
  • Gigablast Custom TopicSearch – Lets you’re making a seek form for up to 500 Web sitesor subsites
  • Google Custom SearchEngine
  • Rollyo
  • Yahoo Alpha
  • Google Extensions:

    Google’s API makesit feasible for others to increase programs that paintings with Google.

  • Google Hacks:
    • Web website for the ebook, Google Hacks, with the aid of Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest (O’Reilly, 2003), which has packages you could use with Google’s API, in addition to seek tips.
    • List of hacks in the ebook
    • Google Hacks Archives – Tips from Tara Calishain’s ResearchBuzz
    • Larry Chase’s Best of Google Tools & Tips for Market Resources -Use these tools to check how your pages will do on Google
  • Find Forward – All kinds of unique Google searches: pix, inbound links, blogs, no blogs, RSS, wildcards, etc.
  • Google School – All sorts of recommendations and shortcuts (Lifehacker)
  • Google Sets – Get a listing of synonyms to add for your search
  • Google Sitemaps will assist Google search your site. Third birthday party packages will let you make a sitemap.
  • Shmoogle – Takes a Google search and presents the outcomes in random order.Find stuff you failed to recognize was there!
  • Soople – Assists with many kinds of expert searches
  • Staggernation:
    • Google API Proximity Search (GAPS) – Search phrases within such a lot of words of every different
    • Google API Relation Browsing Outliner (GARBO) – Find associated pages or linking pages for a given URL
    • Google API Web Search by Host (GAWSH) – Find the pinnacle domain names for a search
  • XooMLe – Google results in XML
  • Visual Search Engines:

    These packages produce visual representations ofsearch engine outcomes (inclusive of clustering).

  • Clusty
  • Grokker – Get effects in a “zoomable map” or define shape. Test it with a Yahoo search.
  • Kartoo
  • TouchGraph
  • Answer Engines (Natural Language Search Engines):

    Ask those engines like google a query. Note:Google and Bing every so often offer answers in reaction toqueries.

  • AnswerBus
  • Brainboost Answer Engine
  • Web Directories of Search Engines:

  • Fagan Finder – Directory of diverse forms of search engines like google, with a field to allow you to search them directly (“Find anything and the whole lot on line”)
  • Internet Search Engines (Phil Bradley)
  • Invisible Web

      The so-called invisible Web is facts it’s locked up in databases, or it’s in non-text formats, but in either case, it’shidden from search engines like google and yahoo. Also, What is the Invisible Web? (UC Berkeley libraries)

    • Beaucoup – 2000+ Search Engines, Indices, and Directories arranged by way of issue
    • INFOdocket – Where librarian Gary Price reports his contemporary discoveries (Library Journal)
    • Ultimate Guide to the Invisible Web (Open Education Database)

    About Search Engines

    • Search Engine Land (Chris Sherman)
    • Search Engine Showdown (Greg Notess, librarian, Montana State University)
    • Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need – Suggestions for commonplace desires, geared towards students (NoodleTools)
    • Alt Search Engines – Blog protecting alternatives to the major search engines, oftensubject-particular engines like google
    • Extreme Searcher’s Internet Handbook: Links – About many types of web sites that will help you search the Internet, now not simply engines like google, in line with se. Compiled by means of Extreme Searcher Randolph “Ran” Hock
      • Major Search Engines’ Features –
    • Pandia Search Central
    • ResearchBuzz – Tara Calishain has search engine information in addition to other news of hobby to researchers
    • ResourceShelf
    • Search Engine Watch
    • Search IQ – Reviews popular search engines like google, concern engines like google, Web directories, and seek tools (ZDNet)
    • Traffick: The Guide to Search Engines and Portals
    • Web Search Service Features
    • About Google:

    • Google Blog – Google’s legit blog
    • Google Blogoscoped (a.ok.a. Outer Court)
    • Google Guide – For beginner and skilled users
    • Google Inconsistencies (Search Engine Showdown)
    • Google Trends – What phrases are trending
    • Google Weblog
    • Google World – A directory of sites main to everything you’d want to recognize approximately Google[Indicateur.com]
    • Watching Google Like a Hawk
    • Directories of Search Engines:

    • GeniusFind – Search engines and directories in many topics
    • Pandia Powersearch – “All-in-one listing of serps”
    • Search Engine Colossus – Country- and concern-particular search engines like google and yahoo
    • Search Engine Guide – General and problem-precise engines like google
    • Search Engines Worldwide
    • Web Search Tools (Library of Congress)

    Multiple Search Engines

      Some of these sites (also called metasearch engines) let you search numerous serps suddenly; others listing many search engines on a unmarried page (these are once in a while known as all-in-one pages).

    • Dogpile
    • Excite – Searches several engines like google; additionally a portal provider
    • Fazzle
    • Find.com
    • HotBot – Has emerge as a metasearch engine
    • Info.com
    • Ixquick
    • Mamma
    • Metacrawler
    • My Search
    • Pandia Metasearch
    • PlanetSearch – Searches 12 serps immediately
    • Researchville – Searches news web sites, dialogue forums, reference sources, and multimedia, in addition to fashionable Web search engines like google
    • Search.com – Now a metasearch engine (CNet)
    • Searchmania – 50Web indexes in a single
    • Surfwax – A metasearch engine with a distinction.”Site snaps” give you data stored about the pages to your consequences.Registered users may additionally keep searches and effects.
    • TurboScout
    • WebCrawler
    • Zuula

    Search Engine Snooping

      See what your fellow surfers are looking.Some of those are popular searches of the day; others are what people aresearching right this minute.

    • Google Zeitgeist

    Search Engine Fun

    • DisturbingSearch Requests – Weird searches that led to customers’ websites
    • Speegle – Have yoursearch effects study to you via a lady or guy with a Scottishaccent
    • Google Fun:

    • Gaggle -Random Google seek
    • GoogleSmackdown – See how two terms in shape up.Similar:Google Duel andGoogle Fight
    • Googlebombing- The try to associate a Web web site with a particular search assertion.
    • Googleshare -Like “mindshare,” handiest expressed as a percent of Google
    • Googlewhacking – Find specific resultsfor a couple of phrases
    • Googlism – What Google thinksabout a person or something (of direction, Google does not absolutely suppose)

    Web Search Software and Desktop Search

      This software program works along with your browser to help you search or surf.Some of this software program can do desktop searchesas nicely.

    • Copernic
    • Subject Search Suite
    • UCmore toolbar
    • Yahoo Desktop Search
    • Search Engine Toolbars:

    • Ask Toolbar

    • Ultrabar
    • Yahoo Toolbar

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