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Ultimate List of Best Search Engines

Looking for the listing of best engines like google within the world?

In this article, we check & listing the best internet serps and popular alternatives to Google.

Not only that, we’ll display you how you may leverage and gain by using the usage of those popular search engines like google (each for green seek results and for getting paid to search on line).

Today, each unmarried query that your idle brain can think is answered by means of search engines in the blink of the attention.


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From getting your every day dose of current news to climate forecast, from getting facts approximately nearest nearby agencies to trusting Google higher than grandma’s suggestions, search engines like google have come a splendid manner.

No wonder, Google has become the de facto assistant for all and sundry and with a whopping 78.seventy eight% marketplace share, Google clearly has been the high-quality search engine in the international.

However, things aren’t continually the equal and Google has been lowering the organic click-via charge in prefer of paid ads.

Most business queries now turn up with a full web page of paid ads (that too with green font colour much like natural effects) and customers see no more natural consequences while not having to scroll further down. While this isn’t a massive deal for normal customers it virtually is for publishers and bloggers.

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What’s worse is, almost 70% of young adults don’t recognize the difference between natural consequences and paid ads.

And manufacturers now see a 25% drop in computer search CTR which gigantifies to a 55% drop on mobile seek CTR (supply) no matter what search engine optimization techniques you operate.

As a digital marketer, that hurts (Yikes!)

You now should pay to play or depart the game at the mercy of left-over CTR.

That being stated, not all is over but.

You could make over the loss from Google’s over-commercialization by focusing on other popular search engines like google and yahoo we have.

In nowadays’s article, I list the pinnacle first-rate search engines like google and yahoo which might be perfect Google options that could make up for Google.

This list of satisfactory serps for 2021 would be incomplete with out the definition of search engines like google. Here is what a search engine is:

What is a Search Engine? The Definition

A search engines like google or net search engine is a software machine this is designed to search for statistics at the World Wide Web. The seek results are typically supplied in a line of outcomes regularly referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs).

These consequences can be exceptional based at the seek engine kind you’re using.

For instance, photograph search engines show image consequences at the SERPs at the same time as video search engines like google display video consequences.

Search engines index and show facts as webpages, photos, movies, PDF and other media codecs. Unlike internet directories, which might be maintained by using human editors, search engines leverage complex algorithms and search bots to index, rank and display results in real-time.

Brief History of Search Engines

While the foundation of internet and search engines like google and yahoo changed into laid manner lower back in 1945 with the item posted on The Atlantic titled As We May Think, in which Vannevar Bush advised creating a frame of understanding for mankind, the actual first seek engine Archie turned into released handiest in 1990.

What Are the Uses of Search Engines?

You can use search engines like google to:

  • Search for statistics approximately a question
  • Search, and download snap shots of almost whatever
  • Educate yourself, kids and literally anyone
  • Research on any topic for office, instructional or every other use
  • Get technique to any hassle you may have
  • Look up and locate locations of business (like restaurants, repair stores, salons, and actually some other area of hobby
  • test for weather, foreign money conversion fees and comparable statistics
  • take a look at for film release dates, information about famous humans, film reviews, activity vacancies, lyrics of your preferred songs and many others.
  • Optimize your website and pressure relevant visitors to it
  • Make money running a blog

In this newsletter…

…we’ll cowl the listing of top 18 exceptional search engines (due to the fact all the ones humongous top 50 search engines like google and yahoo sorts put up often list search engines from the pre-historical instances which can be not applicable).

On to the listing…

1) Google: The Biggest Search Engine with the aid of Market Share 2021

Founded in 1996, by way of Larry web page and Sergey Brin, Google has grow to be the largest and most popular seek engine inside the world.

With a net marketplace proportion of seventy eight.78%, Google sincerely is the great seek engine in the international.

The 2d close competitor and Google’s alternative search engine, Bing has simplest a mere 7.65% marketplace share.

The Google owned search engine is so properly that the time period “Google” has emerge as synonymous to looking. People just say “Google it” in preference to saying search it.

According to the present day search engine marketing stats, Google tactics over forty,000 searches in step with 2d which kind of sums up to three.five billion searches consistent with day and 1.2 trillion searches in keeping with yr global. These searches range from something you could consider to the whole thing that can be requested.

Google seek queries range from news to weather forecasts, business developments, life-style queries, maps and directions and the whole thing in between. Google now taps into voice seek and more interactive queries with Google assistant this is reshaping the way how search works.

This makes Google consume up the lion’s proportion in search engine advertising and marketing and ad revenue. Google’s seek engine earns billions of advert sales and different profits resources for it’s parent and umbrella employer, Alphabet.

Last yr, Google stated a internet income of $26 billion revenue from ad enterprise which become 26% greater than a 12 months in the past.

What’s in It for You? (How to Use Google for Your Benefits?)

Since Google is so big and receives in the front of actually everyone with a web connection, brands and business like you’re leveraging it to get in front of these customers and income.

Websites and blogs (like this one) too, leverage this to get in the front of readers and run a commercial enterprise via selling them ads, merchandise, offerings, guides and so on.

If you need to dive into this worthwhile pc lifestyle, here’s a little by little manual to start a blog and make cash on-line.

If you already personal a weblog or commercial enterprise (on-line or offline) and want to optimize Google to rank yourself on the primary page of Google, tap it’s customers to benefit exposure and income, right here’s a manual of latest search engine marketing optimization techniques that helped me increase my internet site traffic by using 378% and double my weblog income in a few months.

Google supports and patrons billions of businesses, allows humans find route and lots of other matters (that’s for some other weblog put up) that’s why Google is the fine seek engine.

Looking for first-rate resources to optimize for Google and get greater site visitors and sales?

View resources to get started with Google » 

Let’s now head on to different pinnacle if now not higher search engines like google to Google…

2) YouTube: Largest Video Search Engine 2021

Interesting as it could sound the #2 first-class search engine and the top Google alternative is YouTube, a product owned by using Alphabet, Google’s umbrella employer.


Is YouTube A Search Engine?

Yes, YouTube is a search engine but for videos. In truth, YouTube is the second biggest seek engine within the global, after Google.

Founded in 2005, YouTube is transforming the manner humans are accessing facts throughout the internet. If you cognizance on video content material, may also that be enjoyment, news, tutorials of any kind, YouTube is some thing you ought to be specializing in.

YouTube, with 1.5 billion active month-to-month users (which equals to a jaw-dropping ⅓ of general net customers) is the second biggest seek engine and the most important video search engine inside the global.

You heard it right, YouTube is the largest & excellent video seek engine that has answers to any video question you would possibly have.

YouTube as a search engine is larger than Bing, Yahoo, AOL and combined.

If you’re nevertheless no longer convinced that YouTube is a good video seek engine, you’d like to understand that humans eat over 1 billion hours of video every unmarried day.

With such traffic and active user remember, YouTube is truly some thing well worth specializing in to drive visitors lower back to our website online. You also can create an account, open up a vlog account on YouTube and start vlogging and without delay leverage the audience to benefit exposure, make cash vlogging and upload price to the network.

3) Bing: Best Alternative to Google

Launched in 1998 through Microsoft, Bing is now the second one largest web based seek engine and the 0.33 biggest search engine after Google and YouTube typically.

Bing, is likewise the second most famous search engine inside the US after Google, which makes it very lucrative if you want to target market in that niche.

Bing manufacturers itself because the “selection engine” in which it displays rational consequences based on users’ queries not like different engines like google (examine Google) where they display consequences by just scanning and matching the textual content.

Bing is likewise a better video seek engine than Google providing you with a higher layout and play-with out-leaving Bing.

This does make Bing the top contender for being the best video search engine in 2021.

Another advantage of the usage of Bing over Google is Bing rewards, which rewards you with some points whenever you search on their search engine (sure! Bing is possibly the only search engine that gives you coins rewards for the use of their seek) which can be redeemed when shopping on Amazon, Starbucks and so on.

If you didn’t realize, 72% of the enterprise and finance searchers aren’t observed on Google, that’s approximately identical to 21 million humans you wouldn’t need to overlook.

Furthermore, what makes Bing one of the most popular search engines like google is its collaboration with Yahoo! net seek forming the Yahoo-Bing Exclusive community that makes up a respectable market share you wouldn’t need to be missing.

With over 15 billion searches, Bing search engine is something you will want to optimize your blog/website for.

According to Comscore, Yahoo Bing community searchers spend a mean of 6.8% extra cash online than Google searchers.

If you’re into digital advertising and marketing and looking for an opportunity to Google seek engine, you probably will be amused to understand that Bing isn’t only one of the maximum popular global search engines like google and yahoo but additionally awesome in terms of marketing ROI.

While there can be ongoing debates as to that is the pleasant search engine and wars declared on Google vs Bing, you must continually consider to have your arms in each the pies. If you’re looking for a search engine other than Google, Bing is what you ought to be using.

four) Baidu: Best Search Engine in China 2021

Baidu is yet every other top-notch search engine that rightly merits to be in our listing of nice options to Google within the international. It tops in market share for global engines like google list.

While Google guidelines the USA seek engine market, Baidu is the undisputed winner of search engine marketplace in China with over eighty two% market proportion (Google China, owns best a 10% marketplace proportion, a long way from what Baidu does).

China, which has over 721 million lively net users which isn’t always handiest the biggest for any country within the global, but additionally makes up for a quarter of general internet customers inside the global.

And, proudly owning a eighty two% marketplace share in this sort of country makes Baidu without a doubt the maximum famous internet based totally seek engine and Google opportunity in China.

Baidu additionally invests heavily in AI, automated automobiles and other technological stuff and it virtually is one of the quality examples of search engines like google and yahoo that increase beyond the hunt market.

If you’re from China or someone who’s business is related to Chinese market you should genuinely recall leveraging Baidu as a neighborhood chinese search engine.

The reason being it is familiar with the local language and is higher optimized for the chinese language audience than Google China (Baidu’s competitor in China) is.

And, the reality that Baidu is one of the first-class search engines like google no longer powered by means of Google is like icing at the cake for a rustic that wants to protect its privateness.

Other than the domination of the Chinese internet seek engine market, Baidu hasn’t a tremendous function in the search engine area globally.

5) Pinterest: Best Image Search Engine 2021Best picture seek engine (alternative to Google image seek)

Pinterest is by a long way the maximum famous photo search engine in the international. With over 2 billion month-to-month searches, Pinterest has been the first-rate image seek engine inside the global and one of the predominant competitors of Google photograph seek engine.

Pinterest is greater technically ready and AI powered to find higher pictures based on each searches and comparable photo options via its lens app.

Pinterest is likewise referred to as “the unintended search engine” as is proved with the aid of stats that say 47% of the people simply by accident “took place upon” the pins they repinned or bought from even as 28% of the Pinterest customers revealed that they have been attempting to find the object they repinned and bought.

This suggests that if you optimize your pins and emblem top sufficient for Pinterest’s search generation you’ll get get right of entry to to over a hundred and fifty million Pinterest customers that spend a mean of ninety eight mins per month at the image seek engine.

Pinterest, the photograph search engine has a outstanding ability for brands that address arts and craft, fashion and splendor, health, home-making, education, you name it.

Related searches (or pins), customized news feed and custom seek capabilities all make Pinterest’s image seek engine a sturdy competitor and alternative to Google’s photo search engine.

You ought to truly consider the usage of Pinterest seek to develop your Pinterest followers magically.

6) Yahoo! Search: The Pioneer of Search Engines

Yahoo commenced as “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web”, a list of web sites curated by means of Stanford University college students Jerry Yang and David Filo, have become an internet large and the household call for seek engine very quickly.

Yahoo seek today, in step with NetMarketShare is the fourth largest search engine inside the international and the 0.33 largest search engine in the US.

Yahoo has additionally been a sturdy participant with a big user base in sports, news and finance area and remains one of the top five digital media houses in the US marketplace.

With plenty of usaand downs, Yahoo changed into currently bought to Verizon for a hefty sum of $4.eighty three billion (this is a fragment of what Yahoo changed into really worth in 2000, even though).

Speculations are, this deal will in addition electricity Yahoo search (or whatever remodeled brand it would come up as) because Verizon (the new owner of Yahoo) has AOL seek in its portfolio that’s already a famous seek engine.

Yahoo sites, with 206 million monthly specific site visitors, are the third most famous virtual homes after Facebook and Google websites within the United States. AOL, then again is on the seventh position with web sites like Huffington Post, Engadget and TechCrunch in its portfolio.

When those each integrate, they will be almost double of what Google and Facebook owned houses are in the US.

Yahoo! Search also has one of the best engines like google for videos, Yahoo Video Search, that helps you to browse and surf thru motion pictures they create, plus video content material from other platforms like Google’s YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, MySpace, Hulu and similar video content creators primarily based on your query.


Surprising as it could sound, previously known as Jeeves, has a zero.16% marketplace share within the search engine industry. solutions queries to trendy questions and isn’t one of the first-rate engines like google however it genuinely is a popular net seek engine considering zero.sixteen% marketplace percentage (which isn’t a small feat). is a piece of a buggy search engine that gets its fair share of grievance from users but that hasn’t proved deadly in it’s boom.

And of course, as entrepreneurs, is a brilliant seek engine to discover related key phrases, LSI key phrases and notice what people are asking in actual time, within the actual international state of affairs.

You should truely bear in mind having for your seek engine advertising or search engine optimization arsenal and leverage it in your website/blog’s boom.


AOL continues to be one of the most popular and rightfully deserving quality alternative search engines like google to Google.

The numbers show, AOL has a net marketplace share of zero.04% of the whole seek engine enterprise. Even now, 2.1 million US customers use AOL’s dial up internet carrier.

With Yahoo’s acquisition Verizon, the parent employer that still owns AOL, AOL is believed to grow to be even greater green in seek engine strategies and marketplace stocks.

nine) DuckDuckGo: Best Anonymous Search Enginepleasant seek engine for privateness protection

DuckDuckGo began most effective in 2009 but it’s has carved a name and popularity because the first-class personal search engine inside the international.

If you’re searching out a search engine that doesn’t tune your history, search queries and is absolutely safe, DuckDuckgo is your element.

DuckDuckGo has a incredible immediately outcomes function and with their community site, DuckDuckHack, you may absolutely pass create instant solutions for his or her queries. This is a brilliant feature that you could ultimately use for greater publicity.

The DuckDuckGo app is ranked as Times Top 50 Apps for IOS that lets you examine testimonies and interesting effects of the day. Quite an amazing capacity to get in front of this kind of massive IOS person network.

With over 10 billion cumulative searches in 2016, to over one hundred fifty million searches according to day in 2017, DuckDuckGo is simply becoming a game changer in the famous search engines like google video games.

In addition to being a search engine that doesn’t song you and is secure from surveillance and safety breaches, DuckDuckGo Bang characteristic let’s you search from 1000s of different websites (which include yours, experience loose to feature your !bang right here).

For instance, if you search for !amazon snickers, it will take you to the direct seek outcomes web page for snickers on Amazon. Thereby, saving you time and clicks.

In phrases of person experience, DuckDuckGo has a very unobtrusive layout in which you can even turn of advertisements. Yes, DuckDuckGo’s search engine might be the handiest seek engine that lets you turn off advertisements.

Another vital function which you’ll love to look in a search engine is the infinity scroll. DDG’s infinity scroll into 2d, 3rd and so on seek pages without you having to click to alternate web page is very fresh, modern-day and consumer-friendly.

With this, we are able to correctly say that DuckDuckGo is one of the the most present day, and untracked search engines like google that are not powered via Google.

10) Internet Archives: Best Internet Search Engine

The subsequent high-quality seek engine in our list of pinnacle quality search engines like google within the international is Internet Archives or

Internet Archives has the statistics of each internet site and on-line blogs considering that 1996. You can locate the facts a website contained, the way it appeared, and the verbal exchange in the comments section everything thru, regardless of the website is alive, changed or close down for exact. search engine is a terrific way to reverse engineer domain names and web sites, the manner they seemed, what facts they carried and hence without problems reverse engineer them too.

Other excellent opportunity serps that are popular net search engines like google but couldn’t make as much as our listing of top 10 fine search engines are:

11) Yandex Search Engine

The biggest seek engine in Russia, Yandex Search is owned with the aid of the organization named Yandex. It is a strong seek engine that has a number of features like the Wizard Answer (supplying additional associated solutions like Sports and so forth), car entire and many others.

Yandex search, like Google, is efficient enough to provide actual-time solutions based to your question.

12) Google Scholar

Not an alternative to Google consistent with se, but is the pleasant search engine for college kids and educational research based searches. Google Scholar is likewise a outstanding platform for bloggers to analyze extra information and add depth to their writing.

Best engines like google for searching presentations and PPT documents.

14) Flickr

One of the best photo search engines like google ever. Flickr allows you download copyright free photographs, pics with attribution and videos for non-public and commercial use.

Flickr also serves as one of the nice picture and video hosting systems inside the international.

15) Creative Commons

Created as an Amaerican non-profit business enterprise, Creative Commons let’s you search from over 300 million pictures from 19 collections. It’s a splendid picture seek engine for searching and downloading royalty unfastened pictures.

16) Giphy

Giphy turned into founded via Alex Chung and Jace Cooke in February 2013 and accrued over all through it’s first week itself.

Wikipedia describes Giphy as an online database and seek engine that permits users to search for and proportion short looping films without a sound, that resemble lively GIF files.

One of the maximum profitable and famous function of Giphy includes the “conversational seek” which enables it to floor content (gifs) based totally on customers’ conversations via an integration with messaging apps like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and so on.

17) Quora

The fine search engine to discover deep solutions, non-public studies and solutions to complicated queries that no other engines like google consisting of Google can.

It isn’t an alternative to Google but more of a discussion board that enables find answers to queries via real human beings.

18) Vimeo

One of the quality engines like google for motion pictures inside the international, vimeo is ad-loose and the largest competitor to YouTube.

Vimeo, like YouTube, also serves as a video hosting platform.

Conclusion: Top 18 Best Internet Search Engines within the World (2021)

I hope you favored our large, fats listing of top high-quality search engines which can be wonderful options to Google seek.

Each net seek engine indexed right here has a area of expertise in one particular department and consequently you must be sensible enough to leverage these to your digital and SEO advertising campaigns.

Having said that, while these opportunity serps are doing a extremely good job, they still make up a negligible marketplace percentage. Google’s search engine still owns the lion’s percentage within the market (or in all likelihood even extra than a lion’s share) so be clever sufficient to leverage Google’s huge user base and convey your business/internet site in the front of billions of humans.

How to Use & Take Advantage of Search Engines in 2021?

If you’ve a blog or internet site (click on here for the loose grade by grade technique to create one if you don’t have) in your enterprise (irrespective of on-line or offline nearby commercial enterprise, you should have a portal in which people can locate you online) you may optimize it, write search-engine pleasant articles, get one-way links and growth your website scores within the search engine consequences pages.

When you rank higher (like on the primary page of Google searches in your target key-word) you tap into Google’s person base and whilst human beings search for the element you provide, you’ll seem within the search web page and that they’ll click on in your internet site to go to it.

This manner, you boom your internet site visitors and can either make cash running a blog or convert those site visitors to buy from you (something you sell, regardless of it’s an offline shop for auto restore, a puppy grooming shop, promoting tickets to your occasion, you call it).

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  • FAQs About Best Search Engines

    1) What is Dogpile?

    Dogpile is a a laugh seek engine that attracts it’s results from different largest and smarter search engines like google like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others and displays the results with none commercials. It allows you pull out outcomes like snap shots, news, motion pictures and purchasing consequences apart from general internet seek.

    2) What is the Difference Between Dogpile Vs DuckDuckGo?

    The essential distinction between Dogpile and DuckDuckGo is that Dogpile is largely a curator seek engine that displays statistics from the top three engines like google. However, DuckDuckGo is a full-fledged seek engine in itself in which it ranks and presentations search results with out tracking your personal statistics or possibilities.

    three) Is YouTube a Search Engine?

    Yes, YouTube is a search engine. In reality, YouTube is the second biggest seek engine after Google. However, YouTube is catered in the direction of video searches and not textual content or picture searches.

    4) What is the Best PDF seek Engine?

    PDF search engine is the fine PDF search engine round. Other top notch PDF search engines include FindPDFDoc, So PDF and many others.

    You also can use Google’s unique search query for PDFs, filetype:pdf [your query], to faucet into greater PDFs on-line.

    5) What is the Best Search Engine for Personal Information?

    DuckDuckGo is the fine seek engine for non-public records. It doesn’t music you or save your personal records to serve you ads. Another, instance is Search Encrypt that keeps your personal statistics secure.

    6) What is The Best Search Engine for Videos?

    YouTube is hands down the quality seek engine for movies within the world. Other video search engines encompass, Bing, Vimeo, Yahoo and Google’s own video search.

    7) Which Search Engine Giant Was Originally Named Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide?

    Yahoo! changed into initially named “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide”.

    eight) What Was the Most Popular Search Engine Before Google?

    Yahoo! became the most famous search engine before Google.

    nine) Is Yahoo and Google the Same?

    No, Yahoo and Google aren’t the equal. They each serve as search engines but they both are exceptional businesses owned through separate corporations.

    10) What Are Yahoo and Google Examples of?

    Yahoo & Google are both examples of search engines like google that assist people with records they are seeking out inside the global huge web.

    11) What Was Google’s Search Engine Originally Called?

    Google’s seek engine became firstly called BackRub, before the founders sooner or later named it Google after the founders registered the area on September fifteenth, 1997

    12) Is Google Owned via Alphabet?

    Yes, Google is owned by means of Alphabet which became created on October 2, 2015 as a restructuring of Google. Alphabet now acts as a discern or umbrella employer for Google.

    13) Who is the Father of Google?

    Larry Page & Sergey Brin are the fathers of Google.

    14) Is DuckDuckGo owned by Google?

    No, DuckDuckGo isn’t owned by means of Google. It is an independent seek engine owned by Gabriel Weinberg in 2008. DuckDuckGo is a Google competitor and specializes in privateness focused search instead of the personalized search (of Google) that frequently leads to privacy violations.

    15) What is the safest seek engine in 2021?

    DuckDuckGo is the safest seek engine in 2021 for privateness centered humans. It doesn’t music your on-line sports and doesn’t try to manipulate your effects based to your personal sports.

    16) What search engine is higher than Google?

    There’s no search engine that’s higher than Google. However, DuckDuckGo is better than Google if you’re involved approximately privateness. Other than that, Google remains the king with the highest search engine market percentage and extra superior search generation this is sincerely unbeatable.

    17) Which is the First Search Engine in the World?

    Archie is the primary seek engine inside the world. It became created in 1990 with the aid of Alan Emtage, a scholar at McGill University in Montreal.

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