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Search Engine Powerpoint

  • 1.Search EnginesDone via:Afra AlkhajahMaitha MohammedS
  • 2.What are engines like google?S It is essentially a type of software that uses keywords tosearch for files that relate to these keywords andthen puts the results observed within the order of relevance tothe subject matter that become searched for.S Examples :-Google-Alta Vista
  • three.Importance of search enginesS Search engines are critical due to the fact with over 8 billionweb pages available, it would be not possible to go looking forthe data this is in particular wished. This is whysearch engines are used to filter the facts that is onthe internet and rework it into effects that eachindividual can without problems access and use within the remember ofseconds.
  • four.Types of search enginesS Crawler primarily based seek enginesS DirectoriesS Specialty seek enginesSHybrid search enginesS Meta search engines like google
  • five.Crawler based seek enginesS Are search engines that use software packages which can be called,“Spiders”, “crawlers”, “Robots”, “Bots”. These programs canaccess the webpages to categorize and examine them andthen add them in the search engine statistics base, wherein any usercan discover them while looking. The Crawler based totally searchengines are constantly up to date with new website that wouldbe to be had of their database.S
  • 6.GoogleSGoogle commenced in January 1996 as a research project.SFounded via Larry Page and Sergey Brin.SMost famous seek engine.SGoogles homepage consists of a button labeled “Im Feeling Lucky”. Whena consumer types in a seek and clicks on the button the user could be takendirectly to the first search result.SBesides the principle seek-engine characteristic of searching for textual content, GoogleSearch has greater than 22 “unique capabilities” like: climate, unit conversion,currency conversion, time, calculator, maps, and sports activities rankings.
  • 7.Yahoo!S In January 1994, Jerry Yang and David Filo, StanfordUniversity graduates, created a internet site referred to as “David andJerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web”, in Sunnyvale, California.S In April 1994, “David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web”became renamed to “Yahoo!”S Yahoo! offers Internet communique offerings such asYahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail.S Yahoo! Offers social networking offerings which includes My Web,Yahoo! Personals, and Flickr.
  • eight.Ask.comS a question and answer centered seek engine.S Founded in 1998 by means of Garrett Gruener and David Warthenin Berkeley, California.
  • 9.DirectoriesS Are websites sectioned in unique classes by means of humaneditors and are then location in the “Directories” database.S Examples:-Yahoo Directory ( listing (
  • 10.Specialty search enginesS They assist the user search in one-of-a-kind regions in specifictypes of lists which are specialized in particular topic thatwould be beneficial for narrowing down the searchingprocess.S Examples:-Askjeeves (Question and solution search engine)-Medhunt (Provides most effective clinical facts)
  • 11.Hybrid search enginesS Are search engines that use both crawler basedsearches and listing searches to gain their effects.S
  • 12.Meta seek enginesS Are serps that integrate all of the outcomes fromother search engines like google into one large list.S Examples:-Metacrawler-Dogpile
  • thirteen.How to use seek engines1)Be particular:When looking on a seek engine be greater precise in wording, inclusive of the use of schoolscience honest projects rather than science tasks.2) Use the + image and – image:If you need to apply two words in a seek, you can use the + symbol earlier than each phrase sothat best internet pages that have both phrases appear. Example: +end result +vegetables. On theother hand you could use the – image if you are seeking out a topic including Shakespeareand just want to search for his sonnets you could search for it as – Shakespeare –sonnets. The result could have handiest records that you want and no info that is irrelevantto the subject.three) Use Quotation marks:The citation marks are used in case you want to search for unique phrases. Example: “MarkKrikorian biography”4) Combining symbols: you can integrate all the symbols explained above to do thesearch your own manner.
  • 14.Boolean searchesS Boolean searches use the “Boolean operators” (And, Or,Not and Near) to combine phrases and make the searchtopic extra precise and confined for the user.
  • 15.Boolean OperatorsS And is equal to the + symbolS Not is identical to the – symbolS OR way that the search engines routinely returnto the words that you kind in.S Near is same to setting prices for a particular word suchas “Shakespeare sonnets”
  • 16.SourcesSKidz World. (n.d.). Kidz World. Retrieved November 21, 2011, (n.d.). inestasia. Retrieved November 14, 2011, (n.d.). websearch. Retrieved November 14, 2011, (n.d.). webopedia. Retrieved November 14, 2011, from (n.d.). zeald. Retrieved November 14, 2011,
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