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Search engines

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Searching for the area of an item within the OSM database is beneficial for many functions.

Besides rendering, searching is an essential step towards routing. So this is approximately processes to go looking OSM or to link it with the internet.

Search engine services

These options are available as services you may name:

  • Nominatim is deployed on OpenStreetMap servers, and powers the hunt on the the front web page as well as imparting an API.
  • LocationIQ searches across OSM, OA, Geonames, and WoF, among different assets
  • OpenCage hosted by means of OpenCage GmbH – searches across OpenStreetMap, geonames, geoplanet among different assets.
  • Photon hosted by
  • GeoCheck hosted by way of – searches across Nominatim OSM, Google, Photon OSM, BANO, IGN, Etalab BANO
  • Osmocoder hosted with the aid of, capable of do batch geocoding, up to now for place of Germany, and in German language.
  • OSMNames maintained with the aid of and HSR – presents basic seek in area names with autocomplete for demo purposes. The task especially targets to deliver gazetteer facts from OSM.
  • Geocode Earth provide hosted geocoding APIs powered by means of the open-source Pelias Geocoder. They provide autocomplete, reverse & full-textual content seek throughout OSM, OpenAddresses, Geonames and Who’s on First. Run via the former Mapzen Search crew.
  • WhatIsWhere Free, effective map based seek. Supports multiple situations implemented at the identical time, saving/loading search projects, export to CSV, and so on.
  • NetToolKit gives low-priced geocoding, autocomplete/search, and map tile offerings.
  • Geoapify offers direct and reverse geocoding, in addition to autocomplete. They assist single and batch requests. The APIs can be examined with Playground.
  • Geocoding API Forward & Reverse Geocoding based on OpenStreetMap data with low latency served with the aid of a worldwide cdn.
  • SmartMaps powered by means of YellowMap AG – Worldwide Forward & Reverse Geocoding, Routing, Matrix Routing and Autocomplete based on OpenStreetMap information.
  • BigDataCloud presents loose patron-side opposite geocoding API which utilises information from OpenStreetMap (OSM) challenge and diverse other open public resources. They deliver administrative/non-administrative obstacles-primarily based outcomes.
  • provides hosted geocoding APIs powered by using Nominatim, gives full-text seek and opposite geocoding.
  • offers ahead and reverse geocoding. with spell correction and extra. 2500 daily free api restrict

Search engine software

These alternatives may be deployed in your own server:

  • Nominatim
  • Photon
  • Pelias (documentation) (official site) is the software program behind Geocode Earth, presenting autocomplete geocoder and reverse geocoding primarily based on various open records sources and Elasticsearch.
  • OSM-Gazetteer via Dmitry Kiselev
  • Oscar with a tiny description in [1]
  • JRG: small opposite geocoder working on a postprocessed osm2pgsql database.
  • osmgeoref – a small geocoding engine with low useful resource necessities (proof of concept)
  • addok (assignment appears to be abandoned)
  • Mimirsbrunn (active challenge in early degrees[1])
  • Gisgraphy (mission appears to be inactive)

Comparison of the net API of some of the toolsGeocoderFulltext GeocodingFields GeocodingAutocompleteFilterBiasReverse geocodingBatchNormalisationGazetteerLinkageAutocompletion LinkageEngineData sourceNominatimsurenonocountrycodes, bboxN/AsurenoNominatimStrictPostgresOSMGisgraphysuresureyesRadius, Countrylat/lon, Disable FuzzyyesnoTokenEdgeNGramSolrOpenAddresses, OSMPhotonsurenoyesbbox, OSM Tagslat/lonyesnoNominatimEdgeNGramElasticSearchOSMPeliassureyesyesPlacetype, Country, Bbox, Radius, admin_boundary, Data sourceProximitysurenolibpostalWho’s On FirstToken + EdgeNGramEdgeNGramElasticSearchOSM, OpenAddresses,

Who’s on First, Geonames. Supports custom statistics.

addokyesnoyespostal_codelat/lonaddress most effectiveyesregexN/APhonetization or TrigramEdgeNGramRedisBAN, BANO(OSM)MimirsbrunnnonoyesDataset, Type, Zonelat/lonyesnoregexCosmogonyTrigramEdgeNGramElasticSearchOpenAddresses, OSM, BANDead initiatives

  • OSMNames SphinxSearch by means of – easy to installation with Docker and downloadable information from (useless, final pastime in 2018), previous records on server (nevertheless consists of as an example with name “Ścieąka rowerowa(w budowie)”)
  • Twofishes – by Foursquare – A coarse ahead & opposite geocoder in scala (deserted, its website is down)

DuckDuckGo shortcuts

 DuckDuckGo gives quite a few Bang operators for at once linking to an item, or forming search queries.

  • !OSM, !OSt, !openstreet, !openstreet, !openstreetmap, !geouri looking as in

    • !OSMnode direct id
    • !OSMway direct identification
    • !OSMrelation direct identity
  • !osmfr OSM-Fr
  • !Nominatim directly looking in Nominatim.
  • !Taginfo Taginfo
  • !OSMCha OSMCha
  • !hdyc How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap?
  • !osmw, !wosm, !osmwiki this OSM wiki
  • !hosm OSM Help
  • !osmforum OSM Forum

The operators are not case touchy.


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