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Google vs other global giants

In 2020, Google changed into the indisputable champion of the world’s search engine marketplace. The state-of-the-art research shows that Google has received 88.14% of the arena’s market proportion [1]. 

Other leaders of the hunt industry are [1]: 

  • Bing 6.18% 
  • Yahoo 2.51%
  • Baidu zero.59% 
  • Yandex zero.26% 

In the USA, Google dominates the marketplace, coping with 92% of normal traffic, and 96% of mobile traffic. The ultimate portion of visitors in 2020 is dispersed as follows [2]: 


  • Overall traffic 3.nine%
  • Mobile visitors 1.4% 


  • Overall traffic  2.eight%
  • Mobile visitors 1.8 % 


  • Overall site visitors zero.8%
  • Mobile site visitors 0.nine% 


Bing is one of the world’s nice-preferred search engines like google, conserving 12.24% of the United States market share in December 2020 [three]. Bing’s internet site introduces colourful, expert imagery amassed from various systems. Art lovers can experience lots of masterpieces with the choice to share through Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. Bing is a powerful and accurate seek device created by means of Steve Ballmer in 2009.  

As of December 2020, Bing had approximately 1.06 billion month-to-month traffic, with an average visit of 7 mins and a jump price of 41%. The most visitors to Bing got here from america (34.09%), China (22.29%), Japan (7.43%), Germany (5.36%), and the UK (four.05%) [four].

Statistics from 2018 display Bing Search to be popular amongst all age corporations, with a more choice among center-aged adults compared to more youthful and older adults [5]:

  • 11% of customers elderly 18-24
  • 18% between a while 25-34
  • 18% among a while 35-44
  • 20% aged forty five-fifty four
  • 17% among a long time fifty five-64 
  • 17% elderly 65+


The Yahoo seek engine encompasses platform offerings along with e mail, news, and amusement in a couple of languages. Created in 1994 through Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo remains one of the oldest, satisfactory-functioning, and most income-producing equipment, with its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California [6]. 

Many human beings nonetheless revel in the various functions offered through  Yahoo in 2020 [7]. In December 2020, ranked twelfth within the global and sixth within the US. It had approximately 3.ninety five billion monthly traffic, with fifty three.32% of traffic coming from the USA [eight].

Yahoo stays in fashion for its email services, used by many humans In america. Research by using Statista (2017) examined Yahoo and Google email users and observed that [9]: 

  • 61% of people elderly 18-29 prefer Google versus 19% who pick out Yahoo 
  • 31% of human beings elderly 65+ decide upon Yahoo versus 24% who Choose Google


Baidu is one of the most effective serps in the world [10]. According to Statista, in 2018, 21.7% preferred Baidu versus Google, at seventy two.8%, and 5.5% had been glad with each [eleven]. A new edition of Baidu is now to be had in English. 

Baidu ranks sixth inside the global and #1 in China. In December 2020, Baidu had about five.7 billion visitors with an average live of 6 min. 15 sec., and a jump rate of 21.seventy eight%. 93.sixty two% of traffic to Baidu came from China, 1.ninety five% from the United States, 1.04% from Taiwan, zero.ninety four% from Hong Kong, and zero.42% from Japan [12]. 

Interesting records about Baidu:

  • Baidu has an AI image provider that enables customers discover missing humans. The AI can understand a person, even from an older picture [thirteen] 
  • Baidu had sales of $4.158 bln USD inside the 3rd quarter of 2020 [14]
  • Baidu develops autonomous vehicles [15]


Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich advanced Yandex again in 1997 [sixteen]. Today, Yandex is to be had in Russian and in English, Yandex has been gaining momentum over time, bringing in huge revenues. According to Statista, Yandex’s sales in 2019 was 175.39 billion Russian Rubles [17].

In December 2020, Yandex had about 3.27 billion monthly traffic with 92.36% of visitors coming from Russia, with the common go to lasting 11 mins, and a bounce charge of 28.64% [18]. 


DuckDuckGo is preferred global for its privateness, loss of advertisements and aversion to social engineering. In November 2020, It obtained zero.61% of the sector market [19]. Created by Gabriel Weinberg in 2008, DuckDuckGo keeps to make its manner upward from 16,413,461 total queries in 2010 to 1,262,077,914 in 2021 [20]. In December 2020, DuckDuckGo had 869.1 million traffic with forty eight.51% of traffic coming from the USA, 6.95% from Germany, 6.37% from the UK, four.89% from Canada, and a couple of.seventy three% from France, with a mean time spent of 9 minutes, 14 seconds, and a leap rate of 15.forty five% [21].

Other top serps of 2020

Google is the sector’s number one seek engine, but new serps and gear are appearing on the sector market, imparting alternative approaches to look and extra services consisting of: 

  • Confidential and untraceable seek 
  • Child-included seek 
  • Localized seek
  • Theme-based totally seek
  • Email, cloud, and software program development solutions 

 Based at the maximum vital traits of a search engine which includes trustworthiness, reliability, protection, user-friendliness, and accuracy, right here are the pinnacle excellent manufacturers of 2020:


This American Search Engine regarded first lower back in 1985 [22]. Offering seek, day by day information, electronic mail services, and extra, with warm and conventional transport, AOL stays popular in 2020, particularly for its e mail services. Some people use AOL out of addiction [23]. 


Formerly Ask Jeeves (1996), Ask is a query/solution-primarily based seek engine in 2020. utilizes natural language processing techniques, and users can pose questions in their most natural codecs. In December 2020, had nearly 60.75 million month-to-month customers, with an average time according to go to of 4 min. 44 sec, and a leap rate fifty three.forty eight%. Most traffic to the web site got here from america (22.37%), Japan (11.99%), and the United Kingdom (6.01%) [24]. 


Dogpile is a metasearch engine with a friendly dog mascot and a “cross fetch” command for search. Dogpile become created by Aaron Flin in 1996. Like different meta engines, dogpile gathers facts from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other robust seek gear. Dogpile uses its income to guide animal charities.


Brought to existence in 2009 with the aid of a businessman from Germany, Christian Kroll, Escocia now’s a creative team of like-minded folks who are looking for to revive the world’s surroundings, the use of profits to plant timber in regions they are maximum wanted. Every person who makes use of the engine can deliver a new tree into this global.   


GMX seek engine, platform, and electronic mail services are appreciated in Germany, along side Google, Yahoo,, and other engines. Besides having regular features such as e mail, news, and interactive gaming, GMX furnishes complete cloud services with report modifying alternatives.


Lycos turned into created at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania in 1995. Besides seek engine services, Lycos gives an e mail carrier and low cost net improvement answers with Tripod and Angelfire, global. Lycos has a consumer-pleasant internet structure and an attractive interface. 


Naver is the maximum loved search engine in South Korea. According to Statista, it had 27.7 mln. precise site visitors in South Korea in August 2020 [25]. The number one reason Naver is so a success in Korea is because it provides content and offerings in tune with Korean way of life, particularly for Korean people [26]. In December 2020, Naver had round 1.52 billion in month-to-month visitors, with ninety four.35% of visitors from South Korea, 1.93% from the USA, zero.7% from Japan, zero.41% from China, and 0.33% from Canada. The common duration of a visit was 19 min. forty three sec with a low leap charge of 21.85% [27].


Seznam is one of the leaders inside the Czech Republic, harboring 10.04%  of the market in November 2020 [28]. Because Google has gradually taken over the market, Seznam’s share fluctuates between 10 and 15% [29]. People use Seznam to find and experience thrilling content and statistics. It is an award-prevailing agency, recognized because the top business enterprise inside the Czech Republic [30]. In December 2020, Seznam had 312 million monthly visitors, with 97.7% of traffic coming from the Czech Republic[31]. 


With their records center positioned within the faraway Swiss Alps, Swisscows offers an additional secure seek revel in with features consisting of a text summarizing device, VPN anonymous search, and advert-unfastened seek. Swisscows become created by way of Andreas Wiebe with the intention of protecting kids from violent and grownup content material. Swisscows does not display unapproved content material in its search outcomes. As of December 2020, Swisscows had 2.fifty three million visitors, with 45.06% of site visitors coming from Switzerland, 25.6% from the United States, 5.seventy seven% from Canada, 3.ninety three% from Germany, and a pair of.7% from the UK [32].  


Yippy organizes statistics in a class-primarily based way. It provides cloud services and may be an gold standard, private, and safe solution for corporations and companies. Yippy has a unique algorithm that permits customers to derive big portions of organized records from a unmarried seek attempt. It also has the ability to conduct sentiment evaluation, to derive even greater that means from records sets. [33]. The cutting-edge statistics from December 2020 shows that Yippy had 626 thousand traffic in line with month, with 64.07% of the visitors from the USA [34].

Summing up 

Among a huge array of search engines like google, Google stays the indeniable global chief in web seek. Because the majority of people and corporations use Google as their number one computer and cellular search engine, ranking high on Google is a number one aim for most corporations and personal firms. Since many other search engines like google depend upon Google to show their seek outcomes, ranking excessive on Google also can suggest rating excessive on every other seek engine. With such a lot of search engines like google and yahoo to pick from, consumers these days have more than one alternatives for locating facts and content on the Internet. 

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