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Every time you use a search engine to look something up on the Internet individually identifiable information might be accumulated with the aid of all fundamental search engines. The search phrases submitted to the quest engine, in addition to the time, date, and geographical place of the laptop sporting out the search can be logged and stored.

The search words you input are often stored inside search boxes to your browser, your laptop will usually cache those phrases and pages you visit, your looked for phrases may be retrieved through absolutely everyone with get admission to to the hard disk.

Do you actually need engines like google like Google or Bing to understand the whole thing you search for on the internet?

What statistics do engines like google hold?

1) IP Address: Your private computer IP deal with can be traced returned to you thru a opposite DNS lookup with equipment locating out not simplest your ISP however also your approximate area along with State or Province.

2) Date & Time: The genuine date and time you have been looking for a certain key-word may be logged. The browser you use is normally also saved in search engines logs.

3) Query Terms: The phrases your searched for may be saved.

4) Cookie ID: A particular code is embedded into the cookie and assigned to a specific laptop by way of the search engine. It allows a search engine to examine if requests got here from a selected pc, as long as that identifiable cookie is still saved in the browser Internet searches can be connected and traced returned to you independently of what pc IP you operate.

Notice that once some pressure from privacy agencies a few important search engines have began to mask the computer user IP deal with on their seek logs but this does not make your seek history nameless.

What statistics do serps send to site owners?

After you click on on one of the consequences given via the quest engine, your seek phrases are exceeded to the website server logs, that webmaster will know what seek terms you used to locate that site, the referring URL and your IP deal with, as well as different statistics like your Internet browser and running machine you are the usage of and even your default browser language, all of this will assist to discover you.

Google maps search

Privacy seek engine Duck Duck Go

Your internet browser robotically sends data approximately your consumer agent and IP address to the hunt engine however Duck Duck Go will now not keep it in any respect. This facts will be used to hyperlink you on your searches and different search engines like google and yahoo will use it to expose you more centered advertising. Duck Duck Go will go out of its way to delete that records.

At Duck Duck Go no cookies are utilized by default and they do not work with any associate program with the intention to percentage in my opinion identifiable statistics like call and deal with. Feedback at Duck Duck Go can also receive anonymous not having to enter an e-mail cope with within the shape (it can be left blank). This privateness search engine additionally permits looking through its SSL internet site and plenty of customization options.

Duck Duck Go pulls results from Microsoft’s Bing and Google seek APIs, lots of what you’re getting are consequences you may find on those engines like google with the delivered gain that your personal privateness is reputable at the same time as searching the Internet. Duck Duck Go additionally has its own internet crawler and internet index.

Duck Duck Go no logs search engine

Privacy search engine IxQuick & Startpage

 IxQuick changed into awarded the primary European Privacy Seal, IxQuick privateness search engine will now not document your IP address, different records like the seek queries are deleted from the log files within a maximum of 48 hours, regularly faster.

IxQuick uses the POST method to keep your search phrases out of the logs of webmasters of sites that you attain from their outcomes, the essential search engines like google and yahoo however, use the GET approach which allows web servers to log what seek terms you used to attain them.

You can use encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections to carry out your search preventing your ISP from snooping on you, this is of vital significance in case you are using a public laptop in a web cafe, library or at paintings wherein the community administrator can without difficulty secret agent in your seek terms.

IxQuick uses a unmarried anonymous cookie to recollect the hunt choices you stored to your subsequent go to, it’s going to not use cookies with a unique ID like many different websites do.

IxQuick also permits for advanced syntax seek and being a Metasearcher, it pulls a number of it effects from different major engines like google like Bing, Ask or the Open Directory. IxQuick additionally helps you to visit the selected web page with a constructed in proxy,  the webmaster server logs will simplest see/log IxQuick IP cope with and now not yours.

I tested IxQuick search proxy on my server and it also spoofs your agent ID and operating machine, identifying itself as Google Chrome and Windows 7, this is a good practice because it makes even extra tough to pin you down.

The Dutch IP IxQuick seek proxy gives as soon as reversed identified itself as Webhosting customers, making it obvious it isn’t an ISP however a hosted proxy, the URL entry was offered as blank in the server logs, universal, their proxy for searching in privacy does a very good activity at maintaining your privateness on-line. or

IxQuick privacy search engine

 Search engine Findx

 This seek engine from Denmark can be used to locate webpages, photos, motion pictures and purchasing, effects are crawled by using its very own bot and it does no longer depend on Google or Bing, customers can make a contribution to enhance seek consequences through score them.

In Findx your search records isn’t stored everywhere, you aren’t tracked, and no identifiable facts is saved, the employer has a clean privateness coverage smooth to discover. Findx claims that if required by regulation to share personal facts they will must observe it, but since they do not hold something identifiable, it is not possible for the employer to provide data.

They additionally plan to release an Internet browser for non-public browsing, referred to as Privafox within the future.

Findx privacy seek engine

 Usenet search engine BinSearch

 This isn’t an anonymous Internet searcher however it’s miles covered on the listing as it carries effects that nobody else does. BinSearch specialises in crawling binary Usenet newsgroups effects which can be unnoticed through all most important serps. You can look for Usenet posts subject, filenames or .nfo and restrict your seek to positive newsgroup or time frame.

Due to the large amount of data that Usenet incorporates, results are refreshed each few weeks and old ones dropped, Binsearch crawls hundreds of businesses however it isn’t always feasible to index all of them, simplest the foremost newsgroups.

BinSearch binaries Unsenet seek engine

Privacy search engine Qwant

A search engine based in France that promises no longer to collect your facts, they do no longer even positioned a cookie to your browser, if you want your settings to be remembered you have got the choice of starting an account with Qwant anonymously, in any other case the search engine does now not recall anything. They have a records protection workforce member and their privateness coverage is very well explained and clear.

Search outcomes come from its very own crawling bot complemented with Bing, you may see marketing but it isn’t always targeted because Qwant does not song its users. You can use this search engine to locate webpages, pix, films, news, buying, tune and social. There are two versions of Qwant you can get right of entry to, one in all them in which the quest engine displays effects from throughout more than one resources, together with social media, and one light URL that only shows results for webpages without images, this protects bandwidth.

Qwant privacy seek engine

 Tips to go looking the Internet with privacy

Do now not take delivery of any of the fundamental serps cookies, they could use them to pick out you afterward, in case you already have a Google or Bing search engine cookie on your laptop, delete them.

Do not sign on for e mail at the same search engine wherein you frequently search, your private electronic mail cope with can probably be tied up on your seek terms. Using Google and Gmail (both Google merchandise) or Bing and Hotmail (each Microsoft products) collectively isn’t an excellent concept.

Mix up quite a few search engines, this could unfold all your searched terms across exceptional groups and servers. Varying the physical location you seek from can also be useful, you may use a VPN or proxy to alternate your pc and u . s . IP and delete all your seek engine cookies earlier than starting a new personal looking consultation.

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